CANCELLED – CPN General Meeting – April 2nd

In addition to cancelling our regularly scheduled general meetings, we also made the really tough decision to not deliver newsletters door-to-door this month.

Letter from CPN President, Jeff Baker:

Hello, I hope that you and your family are staying healthy during these difficult and uncertain times. It seems the best action is to be proactive and drastically change the way we live, but as we do this try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass.

That does not mean that life will not be different, but we won’t know what that looks like until we get there. This does show us how interconnected and similar we all are because we all are affected by this.

I encourage you to stay healthy, help your neighbors in need, and try to embrace this slower pace of life, as the world comes to a crawl compared to what we are accustomed to. Spend more time with your family, take on a project you have wanted to take on, learn something new, get out and garden as spring is upon us. I know that the future is unknown, and I know it will be tough for most people but try not to stress too much. The additional stress does nothing good for your health. Take the time to think about what adjustments you may need to make, to establish more security in the near future.

If there are safe ways to support our local businesses, I encourage you to do that. Please see the write up below about the Curtis Park Meal Train, formed to help local restaurants and to get food delivered in the neighborhood. Thanks to Ben Reisler and Two Parts for getting this going! Gerald Horner, thanks for starting the brainstorming around this idea of helping the restaurants in our neighborhood.

We will be canceling our April 2nd General Neighborhood Meeting. Please sign up for our email communication to stay in the loop. The information to sign up for communication is on the back of this newsletter. We will be releasing a new website soon, so use as a go-to resource and look out for the new and improved site. We intend for this to be the place to find out all things about our neighborhood.

Keep your head up Curtis Park and I hope to see you soon!