President’s Letter – July 2019

Hi, Neighbors!

Happy summer! I hope everyone has been enjoying the cool start to our summer season, and that you have ex- citing adventures planned for you and your family.

We do not have our General CPN meeting the first Thursday of the month in July, as we take this month off due to the amount of people who are out of town. This year in particular, the meeting would fall on July 4th and I would be meeting with myself.

On that note, if you haven’t hung your bunting flags, there is still time to add some festive feeling to the front of your home.

Flagstone Contractor Mini Expo

As most neighbors know, the city is in the first phase of a city-wide Sidewalk Repair Program. Curtis Park is the second phase and inspectors will be in our neighborhood in about a year. Curtis Park Neighbors has put forth the effort to save and repair the flagstone on all of our sidewalks before the inspector arrives.

Homeowners will have to repair their sidewalk if there are issues no matter what, so we are hoping to be ahead of the program and proactively make these repairs.

Lindsey Sullivan, Chair of the Flagstone Committee, has organized some flagstone contractors and suppliers to come into our neighborhood for neighbors to come and speak with them.

This will be an opportunity to ask questions and set appointments for quotes and repair work. It would be best if we can get all the neighbors on one block to order, and install one block at a time to increase efficiencies and decrease cost.

Want to attend? The event will be held at Liberati Osteria and Oenobeers located at 2403 Champa St. from 6-8 pm on July 11th.

33rd St Outfall Project

If you don’t live on the north side of the neighborhood, you may be unaffected by the enormous construction project that is currently active on 33rd St. You may have been affected by the street closures, but neighbors in the immediate vicinity have been feeling their homes shake from the pounding at the construction site. This is a major concern for our 125+ historic homes. Residents of these homes along with Curtis Park Neighbors, contacted the project coordinators and were able to stop work that was causing extreme vibration.

The project will continue with a different method in order to reduce these vibrations. The new method will take more time, but with less vibration. If you live near this site and are concerned about your home, please contact your neighbor Linda Ruiz at Linda has volunteered to be the neighbor point of contact. Inspectors can be arranged to come visit your home and document the structural state of the build- ing.

Denver Day Works

Have you noticed the workers in neon green vests combing the neighborhood and picking up trash? These workers are with Denver Day Works. Denver Day Works is a supported work program designed to provide a low- to no- barrier work experience for people throughout the city who are experiencing homelessness, while also connecting participants to supportive services such as food, shelter, and other necessities.

This is an excellent program and a starting point for many of these people to get back on their feet. If you see them around your house, please make an extra effort to head out to and say “Thank You!”

Until next month,
Jeff Baker, CPN President