Butterfly on flowers in a pollinator garden

Sonny Lawson Park Improvements

Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR), in collaboration with Curtis Park Neighbors, is thrilled to partner on improvements to Sonny Lawson Park, which will include a new pollinator garden along California St.

The upcoming park improvements will beautify the entrance into Sonny Lawson Park and contribute to the citywide initia- tive to increase habitat for pollinators and reduce water use in our parks.

In 2016, Mayor Hancock signed the National Wildlife Federation’s Monarch Pledge to help create sustainable prac- tices that support the increase of native pollinating insects in our city, which is important to the health and beauty of Denver. Pollinator species have seen an immense decline over the last decade. The DPR Resiliency Program seeks to relieve some of these stressors by increas- ing the amount of pollinator habitat throughout the City and County of

Denver, including most recently at Sonny Lawson Park.

Improvements will include:

  • Improved irrigation
  • Pollinator garden
  • Raised curb around garden
  • Post and chain to prevent compaction within garden

For more information about Denver Parks & Recreation’s Resiliency Program, visit: bit.ly/3oQ0kS2

Implementation Timeline

Pollinator garden to be installed Spring/ Summer 2021.

About Curtis Park Neighbors

Curtis Park Neighbors (CPN) is a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) in Denver, Colorado. RNOs, as defined in the Denver Revised Municipal Code, are officially recognized by the City, “to notify such organizations in advance of occasions when decisions are to be reached on certain matters affecting their neighborhoods; and to afford representatives of such organizations the opportunity to present the positions of the organizations at such times.”

 Context map by Eric Ross
Context map by Eric Ross

Registered boundaries of CPN and all RNOs are available on Denver’s web site.

CPN was officially incorporated in 1989 as a non-profit corporation, originally called the Curtis Park Block Council.

As an RNO, Curtis Park Neighbors advocates for the community interest in and around the Curtis Park neighborhood, part of the Five Points statistical neighborhood. CPN has held historic preservation and education as a core part of its purpose since its inception.