Curtis Park is well-served by excellent connectivity, as it has from the earliest days as Denver’s first “streetcar suburb”.

Neighborhood Transportation Plan

September 26th Presentation and documents:

Public Transportation

Look up schedules for current RTD service at their web site,

Find out about future expansions of RTD service as part of the FasTracks program, including the highly anticipated East Corridor commuter rail line to between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport, and the Central Rail Extension between 30th/Welton and 38th/Blake at


Curtis Park is well-connected with bike lanes and bike routes. Here are some key resources for biking:

Car Share

You can often find cars from two car share operators conveniently on Curtis Park streets:

  • eGo Car Share – The oldest car share operator in the state, with a variety of vehicle types in its fleet (including a pick-up truck!). Take a car from a designated spot, and bring it back when you’re done. A non-profit operating since 1997, their mission is to provide and promote alternatives to individual car ownership, thereby reducing the environmental and social impacts associated with motor vehicle use.

Overall Transportation Information

There are a few key sites for getting information on multiple ways to get around:

  • MyWayToGo – Oriented to commuters, this interactive site shows options for getting from A to B by transit, bike, walking, driving, carpool, and vanpool
  • Visit Denver’s Ground Transportation site – An overview of multiple transportation options in the Mile High City