This Resource Section has been compiled by hands-on renovators, restorers and preservationists in Curtis Park. Included are suppliers that carry products to make a project successful, brief info on bricks, links for flagstone sidewalks and many links to more information.

Not to be overlooked are the human resources in Curtis Park. Start with the Curtis Park Neighbors Design Review Committee. The committee has a two fold purpose: to encourage good, appropriate design for Curtis Park and to help the homeowner or developer through the Landmark process. The Design Review Committee may help with styles, architects, tradesmen, contractors, materials and more.

One of Our Favorite Websites on Old Houses:


Architectural Salvage:

  • UnassimilatedLocal Resource at 26th & California in Curtis Park

    Architectural Antiques & Historic Salvage, Historic doors, hardware, fireplace mantels, stained glass windows, lighting, metal work and so much more
    (720) 214-4869

  • Queen City Architectural Salvage  

    Classic antique building materials doors, door hardware, claw tubs, fireplace mantles, etc. 

Window Restoration:

Building Supplies and Specialty Products:

Big box stores are NOT a good source for historic-styles and replacements. The trims and stair parts are not the correct dimensions for an old house as they are either too slim and small or too chunky. Also, they do not sell four panel interior doors or stock the right style exterior doors. Here are some of our favorite local sources.

  • Alpine Lumber

    Denver General Building Supplies, Lumber, Millwork, Specialty Items

  • Austin Hardwoods

    Mouldings in stock, can be frabicated in MDF or choice of woods. Also custom work and can match an existing moulding.

  • Front Range Lumber

    In stock popular moulding styles and lumber store

  • RW Specialties

    Source for stair parts, trims, cedar shingles, columns, corbels, transom and pocket door hardware and more.

  • Vintage Millworks

    Victorian Porch Parts, Millwork, Trims

Decorative Shingles:

  • Allura

    Fiber cement shingle boards. Half-round/fish scale, and octagon/dog ear

  • Cedar Country Lumber

    Decorative shingle info and supplier

  • James Hardi

    Hardi fiber cementShingle boards in half round/fishscale pattern, Smooth faced 4′ iber cement siding

  • Shakertown

    Fancy cut, cedar shingles


Traditional Metal Shingles:

Metal Work:

Additional Information:

Flagstone Repair and Replacement

Brick for New Construction:

Use smooth faced, pressed brick. Do not use tumbled, distressed, irregular edges, white wash, or smoked bricked. Fake old bricks look fake.

  • Use a single color. No brick color mixes or blends. Single colors have natural color variations.
  • It is common to order brick for the correct finish: smooth faced, pressed
  • Compatible colors from Denver suppliers, all are medium red:
    • General Shale. Colonial Satin
    • Lakewood Brick. Medium Red
    • Summit Brick. Bonfire
  • Colored mortar adds interest and different effects. These mortar colors do not stand out on their own but rather, they blend with the brick.
    • Standard mortar color highlights the individual brick and textures
    • Gold or Golden Tan adds warmth and vibrancy (see 28th & California)
    • Terracotta, matching the brick color, creates a unified, solid look (see 29th & Curtis)
    • Wine/Deep Red/Maroon add richness and a solid look (see 2543 California)

More Information on Curtis Park:

  • Denver Public Library’s website includes a neighborhood history guide on  Curtis Park.  It also includes a link to resources on the neighborhood’s history available at the library.
  • Curtis-Champa National Register Historic District Nomination.  This 1975 nomination form includes useful information on the history of Curtis Park.  In 1983, a subsequent nomination expanded the district’s boundaries.  The National Register District is an honorary designation which does not convey restrictions on individual property owners.  The boundaries of the National Register District are different from the locally designated Curtis Park Historic District. The boundaries of the locally-designated district are found here.

Denver Landmark Preservation:

This is the division within the City and County of Denver that regulates permits within the locally designated Curtis Park Historic District.  

Other Denver Resources:

  • Denver has a very helpful website that provides information on what work inside and outside of your home requires building permits, and that explains the permitting process by project type (bathroom remodel, fences, roofing, etc.)
  • If you would like to know more about the history of your home, the Denver Building History Tutorial is a great place to start.
  • You can also pay a visit to the Western History and Genealogy Department at the Denver Public Library-Central Library, 1200 Broadway where the librarians can direct you to resources to help you research the history of your home.   
  • Historic Denver, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports historic preservation in Denver, with a Resources webpage for building owners.  This website includes videos on historic preservation tax credits, window restoration and weatherization, brick mortar and wood trim restoration and energy efficiency for old homes.  Members can obtain access to the organization’s contractor resource list which is updated regularly. The organization is also a good resource for information on historic preservation resources and grants.

Caring for Your Historic Home:

This web content was added in 2019, and is accurate to the best of our abilities. Contact Denver Landmark Preservation for the most up-to-date and accurate information on the city’s design review and permit requirements.