Design Review Committee

To assist property owners in modification of existing structures, or design of new structures in our Denver Landmark Districts, Curtis Park Neighbors has a Design Review Committee ready to help provide input and advice for working through the City’s Landmark review process, Zoning administrative adjustment and Variance processes, and more.

In addition, we have an extensive section on this website, Home Alterations, to help guide you through many common questions, design issues, and character-defining features of our neighborhood. If you are planning new construction, be sure to reach out to the Design Review Committee as early as possible in your planning process.

Write to and let us know what you have in mind!

Owning in an Historic District

Familiarize yourself with the home’s character-defining features and maintain the property in a sensitive manner to retain its historic character and value.

Features and Architectural Styles

In Curtis Park, original building materials are important character-defining features, as are those specific physical traits associated with your building’s architectural style.   

Making Alterations to Your Home

Ready to make some improvements such as repairing or replacing windows, roof replacement, or rebuilding an existing porch? This page provides more details.